For the last 20 years, choosing PROVARIM INTERNATIONAL as a partner, is choosing an english speaking agency that has a deep knowledge of the market and its actors, to guide you in the selling or the buying of your property.


From the value estimation to the launch of your property on the market, we are taking care of each aspect of the purchasing process, until the final signature.


We will help you to find a product that matches with your needs and expectations. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the products, locations, workers and locals, we will be able to address your issues and to take care of the heavy administrative burden.

We will always be close to you even after the deal is closed! In fact, our clients should they be French, English, Danish, Italian or from any other country, become our friends. We are helping them to join the local community.

PROVARIM INTERNATIONAL Agency is present in Claviers, Bargemon, Callas, Seillans, Brovès, Saint-Paul-en-Forêt, Fayence

Don’t hesitate to drop by.

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